Inspirerad av Jóhann Skúlasons sensationella poäng på 9.61 under VM 2013.

Den här sadeln är framförallt väldigt lätt och flexibel vilket främjar hästens rörelser. Finns i både ull och latex.





The heart of this saddle is its saddle tree. With the development of the patented soft-swing tree we have succeeded in realizing the optimum of our own ideas, paired with German technology and the finest engineering skills. The tree is very light and highly flexible, the integrated spring steel frame also ensures that the saddle can follow any movement and harmoniously resonates. This characteristic is especially important for the Icelandic horse, as the hindquarters reach far into the saddle position due to their enormous thrust – especially at high tempos in the gaits Tölt and Rennpass.

Countless tests and modifications, down to the last detail, characterize the valuable craft of this state-of-the-art saddle. Everything was fine-tuned; the shape of the seat, the center of gravity and the precise placement of the seat and knee rolls. The saddle pad has been anatomically shaped to sit as close to the horse as possible without disturbing its movement and an optimal shoulder room is guaranteed. We have mastered this great challenge together with the best in their field and we are extremely proud of the results.

9.61 a real Stradivarius for the Icelandic horse scene.