Eques Gold by Black Edition – designed in cooperation with Nils-Christian Larsen

Eques Gold by Black Edition is designed with saddle tree with a narrow waist. The narrow waist optimizes the fit of the seat. The unique contact to the back of the horse and the open seat provides the rider with good support as well as the possibility to adjust his/hers position in the saddle at the same time.

Eques Gold by Black Edition is produced in high-quality materials. Soft and flexible calf leather facilitates a grip-effect in the contact surface between rider and saddle. The shape of the knee pads is optimized to facilitate a balanced and natural posture and the material (Soft Foam) ensures optimal comfort and adjustment to the riders’ legs. The combination of kneepads and open seat facilitates the “straightend up seat”.

The saddletree is flexible, and the panels are with the well-known three-layer latex that adjusts to the back of the horse. Furthermore, the panels are specifically designed to Specifically designed to allow freedom of the shoulders of the horse.

Finns i storlekar 16,5″, 17″ och 17,5″
Kan special beställas i storlekar 16″ och 18″